Importance of Purging in Aquaculture


With the latest developments in RAS technology, RAS is entering a new era in the supply of high quality sea food produce.


As in certain open water areas where fish are farmed, fish cultured in RAS can acquire off-flavors from bioaccumulation of Geosmins and MIB’s, which are produced by certain bacteria that can be present in RAS. These bacteria are favored by sludge laden environments and first line of defense is avoiding any sludge entrapment/accumulation in a RAS. So, the extent of off-flavor will to a large extent depend on RAS concept.


Our RAS concept has no solids or sludge entrapment/accumulation, but whilst this may not eliminate production of Geosmins and MIB’s, it will minimize purging requirements and purging time.


BAF RAS system comes with stand-alone purging systems which are usually combined with harvesting facilities.

Grouper 2

BAF RAS design is generally able to meet the following challenges:


  • Average 100 kg/ ton – Stocking Density
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Complete sludge handling solution
  • End of pipe effluent treatment and zero discharge solutions
  • Advanced CO2 control to do
  • Minimal or zero risk for Sulphate Reduction Bacteria activity (SRB) in saltwater production, and subsequently no sulphide formation
  • Minimal manpower for operational ease and stability
  • An after sales Service & Management agreement that ensure dialogue with customers and optimal performance of your RAS