Kenneth Tay Kuan Huat
Founder & Director

Kenneth is a veteran in the shrimp industry and was responsible for pioneering the initial development of SPF Shrimp Broodstock Multiplication Centre (BMC) in Asia Pacific. This pioneering initiative includes the development of the BMC’s operating protocols and procedures which include the formulation and implementation of the BMCs’ stringent bio-security plan which include precise animal nutrition and use of semi intensive Recirculating Aquaculture technologies.


His professional experience also encompasses more than 15 years in global marketing and business development in the shrimp industry. In particular, Kenneth has had significant experience in evaluating & identifying new market trend and market penetration opportunities which saw him led the successful market expansion into China, Vietnam, Thailand, , India, Indonesia , Philippines , Malaysia Korea .


Kenneth’s key strength nestled on his passion and extensive knowledge in the shrimp and aquaculture industry and coupled with his hands-on approach to farming and managing customers’ expectation, he has built an impeccable reputation and sterling track record for the company and himself.

Matthew Tan
Associate Professor Matthew Tan
Co-founder & Director

Associate Professor Matthew Tan is currently Singapore Representative (Private Sector) to APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security. He is also the Co-Chair for Sustainable Development in Agricultural and Fishery sectors where he co-ordinates discussions between senior officials, APEC governments and the private sector on the use of technology and combined resources for Sustainable Development in the Agriculture and Fishery Sectors. He is also currently involved in assisting governments with their Economic Transformation – Aquaculture 4.0 in the light of food security.  


About APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security: https://apec.org/Groups/Other-Groups/Policy-Partnership-on-Food-Security.aspx


He is also currently holding the joint appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Asia – Assentoft Aqua Asia Pte Ltd.


A/Prof Tan was previously the Group Chief Technology Officer and CEO & Director of Oceanus Tech Pte Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceanus Group – One of the world’s largest land based aquaculture company which is listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.


A veteran in the aquaculture industry, he was responsible for the development of Oceanus Group’s Risk Management framework and farms’ operational protocols and oversaw the development and implementation of the company farm’s Bio-security plan which includes the validation & adoption of sustainable technologies, implementation of water monitoring system, animal nutrition & feed formulation and possible use of Recirculating Aquaculture technologies in their land based farms (42 farms with a total combined of area of about 100 sq. km, 40,000 breeding tanks which is spread over 300 km and a 5,000 floating cage facility).


He is also graduate of SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre) – Asia’s leading fishery institution; where he received training under a Government of Japan – Trust Fund Programme in hatchery and grow-out, sea weed and Benthic Diatom culture and production.


Matthew is also serving as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor (Aquaculture) with the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA) – College of Science and Engineering – James Cook University, Australia.